Knoxville Drag Strip - General Rules 1. All cars must meet general safety requirements as per the IHRA rule book. 2. All protective clothing required for the ET of your vehicle is mandatory. No one will be allowed on the track without all required protective clothing. 3. Must be 18 years or older unless a minor's release form is signed by both parents and witnessed by track official to compete in any event at Knoxville Dragstrip. 4. All drivers must have a valid state drivers license to compete in any event (except in JR Dragster class 8 - 16 years old). 5. Any driver caught consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs before or during competition, will be disqualified. 6. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on the premises at any time, by anyone. 7. Insurance regulations permit driver only- no passengers. 8. Un-sportsmanlike conduct by driver and/or crew member will be grounds for disqualification. 9. Only one crew member can accompany a car into the burnout area. Must be 14 years or older and have a signed insurance release. 14-17 years old must have a release form signed by both parents and witnessed by track official. 10. No one permitted to touch car during burnout. 11. No burnouts allowed anywhere except in the burnout area. 12. The speed limit is 10 M.P.H. on return road and 10 M.P.H. in the pit area past the ET shack. 13. No refunds on entry fees or admission. May be eligible for brake pass during time trials ONLY. Brake pass will be minus $15 fee. 14. Crossing the centerline and/or dangerous driving, whether on track, return road or pit area, will be grounds for an immediate disqualification. 15. For down track safety reason, the tail light rule is Mandatory - NO Exceptions. 16. Lane choice will be determined by the lane you pull up in. Dash For Cash winners will be decided by closest to the dial in. If there is a tie it will be decided by the best reaction time. 17. The car that has the best reaction time on the last round of time trials will receive the bye-run for the first round of eliminations. Then whoever has the best reaction time after that. If there is a tie it will be decided by closest dial in. 18. Any driver caught changing lanes and/or laying back attempting to change or pick his/her competition will be paired by track officials at time of infraction. 19. All cars must report to staging PROMPTLY when called. It is the drivers' responsibility to listen for the P.A. announcements. Any car not reporting will be considered broke and out of competition. 20. Track allows 15 minute cool down time for each car in competition, until the classes get down to 8 cars, then we will go to round robin. 21. No backing in to stage beam. The last staging motion MUST be forward. No Deep Staging Allowed. 22. Any kind of leaking substance from participants vehicle is grounds for disqualification. 23. No excessive braking at the finish line in attempting not to run under dial in. 24. Start burnouts at bleach box. No dragging water excessively from the bleach box. 25. Dial-ins must be CLEAR and LEGIBLE to the tower and maybe changed between rounds. 26. Dial-ins must be displayed by the time the car reaches head of staging lanes. 27. Check your dial-in on the score board BEFORE you stage. Once a car is pre-staged the DRIVER has excepted track conditions and dial-ins (RIGHT OR WRONG). There will not be any re-runs. NOTE: DRIVERS WITH CROSS OVER BOXES MUST CHECK BOTH SCOREBOARDS. 28. All drivers are required to attend drivers meetings. 29. Courtesy staging is in effect for ALL classes. Tree is activated by auto-start. 30. Any car using nitrous oxide must wear fire retardant jackets. 31. No one under 16 years old will be permitted to use motorized vehicles (ATV's) All pit support vehicles must have car # and abide by track rules, speed limit etc...(kids not allowed to ride bicycles in pit area) Any individuals caught breaking these rules will result in the competitor to be disqualified. 32. All drivers must sign for run card (DRIVER ONLY) 33. Time trials will not be allowed during eliminations NO exceptions. 34. Knoxville Dragstrip reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason at any time. 35. All cars have to have a hood or breather - All Races 36. No Deep Staging in Outlaw Heads Up Races 37. If you buy two tech cards for the same car, there has to be two drivers. One driver can buy two tech cards & drive two different cars. Home | Schedule | Payouts | Rules | Points | Gallery | Winners | Directions | Contact | Advertising ALL THE ABOVE RULES AS WELL AS OTHERS ARE JUDGMENT CALLS MADE BY TRACK OFFICIALS AND THEIR DECISIONS ARE FINAL. HEADS UP OUTLAW DRIVER RULES PRO STREET       Head up Pro Tree .400 Qualified Pro Ladder All cars must weigh after all qualifying rounds and elimination round wins.         RULES            Tire – 10.5W -x31 max Backhalfed chassis only No full tube framed cars! Must have funny car cage. No complete fiberglass or composite body unless OEM equipped. Aftermarket bolt-on front clip allowed. (If equipped w/bolt on front clip from factory) Aftermarket front suspension components allowed in stock location. (On factory frame rails) Cars originally equipped w/struts must mount the struts in original mounting locations. Must have mufflers. (Except turbos) Must have working taillights and headlights. Lexan windows allowed. Fiberglass limited to doors, trunk, hood, fenders, and bumpers. Must have stock appearing dash. No screw blowers allowed! No C.I. Limit.               SAFETY Helmet, jacket, pants, neck collar, gloves required               WEIGHT Small Block                    N/A – 2,500 lbs.           Turbo – 3,100 lbs N20 – 2,700 lbs.           2 Turbos – 3,150 lbs. Blower – 3,100 lbs. ADD 100 lbs. each additional stage Big Block N/A – 2,800 lbs.           Turbo – 3,200 lbs. N2O – 3,000 lbs.           2 Turbos – 3,250 lbs. Blower – 3,200 lbs. Add 100 lbs. each additional stage NOS Cars Only Tire Size 33-10.5 W Max For 4.840 Motor Bore or Smaller & 706 Cubic Inch or Smaller Only Can Run 33-10.5W Tires. 3100 lbs. 1 System 3200 lbs. 2 Systems 100 lbs. per System after 2 5 inch Bore Motor 706 Cubic Inch or Larger  Have to Run 31 Inch Tires Maximum.         DRIVER RULES 4.70 Top Sportsman Rules (IHRA) 5.70 SAFETY Helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, neck collar. (Arm restraints required if open body) Full cage required. 6.0 SAFETY Helmet, jacket, pants, neck collar required. Full cage Door cars only! No Throttle Stops! 7.0 SAFETY Helmet, jacket, pants required 6 pt. Roll Cage Required Door cars only! No Throttle Stops! DRIVER RULES CHEAP STREET       Head up Pro Tree .400 Qualified Pro Ladder All cars must weigh after all qualifying rounds and elimination round wins.         RULES           Tire – 10.5W -x 28 slick non W or 275 radial max All steel body (Hood, Trunk, Bumpers can be Glass) Full cage required Stock appearing Full frame rails front to back 9Notching OK, Minitub OK) Must have carpet and both front seats (No Exposed Sheetmetal) NO FORWARD FACING SCOOPS Unless factory equipped ALL LIGHTS & TURN SIGNALS MUST WORK! Mufflers required (Unless Turbo) No Wheelie Bars ENGINE All cars must run cast intakes OEM composite NO SHEETMETAL INTAKES ALLOWED NITROUS 4 line (bottle to solenoid) 1 stage only small block allowed fogger big block plate only 2 nd . System must be off car, or solenoids removed NO METHANOL ON ANY COMBO! BOOSTED Superchargers limited to rib style belts only (NO COG style belts) Turbo limited to 76mm, no air to water, no methanol injection No twin turbos, superchargers, or dual power adders of any kind! Turbo & Superchargers small block only!             SAFETY Helmet, jacket, pants, neck collar, gloves required             WEIGHT Small Block N/A – 2,800 lbs. Turbo – 3,300 lbs N20 – 3,100 Blower – 3,300 Big Block N/A – 3,200 N2O – 3,400 Any car that exceeds 5.40 will have weight added for next round. (100 lbs. Per tenth) & If you go 5.40 or faster in the eliminations, you will carry the weight over to the next race.